Gorgeous Blonde Lottie Moss’s Little Cleavage In A Tiny Dress

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elliot-wolf - April 28, 2018

I can’t help but to almost break my neck every time I see Lottie Moss. She’s a huge heaping pile of desire and temptation tightly stuffed into the most shapeliest of containers. Two please! That’s what I would shout if I ever had one wish. Two Lottie’s with perfect bodies. She’s so fine that she should have her own holiday. The entire nation could celebrate sharing a planet with a woman that’s the closest being to being considered absolute perfection. She’s the end result of flawlessness being multiplied by incomparability.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get enough of Lottie. Every time I look at her I lose my most basic of functions. Like the ability to move because staring at her is better than walking to wherever I planned on going. Lottie is definitely magic and for J.K. Rowling’s next project I would like for her to write a guide book on fantastic women and where to find them. It would be a best seller if it was just a map on how to get to Lottie. I'd probably become addicted to reading the book and eventually set out on a quest to find Lottie's location.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA