God of War’s Barbarian Hammer and the Top 7 Greatest Hammers in Gaming

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bill-swift - July 24, 2012

Last week we took a dive into the deadly world of weaponry in gaming; blades to be more precise. Blades are long, sharp and can make you bleed out from a mere love tap. We're flipping it around as per usual this week and taking a look at a different side of thing. Please excuse any MC Hammer references that may slip out during the course of this article.

Blades are sharp, bows are silent and guns are lightning fast but none count for shit if your enemy is packing a hammer. Tall or short, big or small; it really doesn't matter when it comes to these guys. Everything from a massive warhammer to a rubber mallet is deadly as hell in the world of video games. You can fire off your pea shooters and swing at me with your little knives all you want but when I take your hits you'd better watch out because you won't be able to take mine. Let's take a look at 'King Dedede's Mallet and the Top 7 Greatest Hammers in Gaming'.