Gigi Hadid Short Skirts and Cool Nights in Manhattan

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bill-swift - November 2, 2016

For some reason our spies with our ogling eyes didn't capture Gigi Hadid going for her V.S. Fashion Show fitting, though she and her hottie stacked younger sister are most definitely going to be part of the show. But she has been busy, out and about in NYC the past couple days with her own fashion bookings, and showing off her stellar body in leggy outfits both day and night in the Big Apple.

Gigi Hadid has climbed the ranks of the hottie style industry by four to nine rungs at a time. Just a few years ago she was the teenaged upstart daughter of a well known model mom. Now she's an industry unto herself and dating some lucky bastard ex-boy band dude and flitting about upscale joints in New York and London and Paris. That's the life. Though I'd personally forgo all that for one night with Gigi in an Akron area motel. I'm a practical man with practical desires. That short skirt is giving me several, Gigi. Come by my place and we can discuss. I have complementary coffee. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

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