Get Your Million Dollar Idea –Or An Utterly Dumbass One– From this Game Idea Generator

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bill-swift - April 24, 2014

Whether you're a games designer, a writer or a crazy-ass inventor, that one idea can change your life. Maybe you've heard J.K Rowling's legendary anecdote, wherein Harry Potter 'strolled into her head fully-formed' on a train journey? If you haven't heard it, she doesn't give a shit, because she's richer than you.

Now, presumably you have no effs to give about Harry Potter. But even so, it's a prime example of that breakthrough moment, the one which sets you on the path to cashtacular and groupies-amundo. But you can't just sit scratching your balls on the couch waiting for it to happen. Asking ma to come by once a week to hose you down. Hell no. You've got to be proactive.

So, games designers, give this fancy new Game Idea Generator a shot. Its randomly generated, single sentence wisdom is guaranteed to set you on the right track. Or amuse you with its suckitude at the very least. Why nobody thought of some of these before is anyone's guess. The world has been sorely missing an FPS where you rob puppies and you have to find out why. Not to mention a tycoon game where you farm nukes to make a business.

Thanks, Destructoid, some of this is great.

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