Get Your Beach Bum On With Grand Theft Auto Online’s First DLC (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 21, 2013

As we know, Grand Theft Auto Online gave us quite a bumpy ride at launch. A ‘ride-on-a-one-legged-horse-over-a-poorly-ploughed-field' sort of bumpy. But fear not, because Rockstar have been getting their shit together recently.

The online experience is much smoother, and connection issues aren't kicking ass all over the place as they were. By way of apology for the earlier wonkiness, the hooker shootin', drug dealin' fairy bestowed a gift on us all: half a million Los Santos dollars. Now here's another little slice of delicious nutritious free stuff: the Beach Bum dlc package.

As Typical Gamer explains above, it arrived yesterday with the latest title update, bringing all manner of beach-themed additions to the game and GTA 5 proper. These will include new missions across the disciplines (survival, races, deathmatches), some frankly shit-tastic new clothing (ballbag-bulge speedos possibly included), vehicles and a couple weapons. The broken bottle is just itching to be thrust into the delicate faces of a crew of angry drug bastards, so what are you waiting for?