‘Genital Jousting’ Is Gaming’s Latest Playable Wang Joke

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chris-littlechild - March 16, 2016

  We all like a good lil’ slice of toilet humor. It’s the best kind of humor, really. Studly Ego-dudes like you and I live for a bit of blue. That saying about how men never grow up, they just get taller? It’s totally true. 

Not that, in our thirties, we spend our evenings making armpit noises with our buddies. There’s just something about the way our brains are wired. Something that makes us think that Balls Kicking Simulator isn’t just a good idea, but is goddamn funny (to be fair, LOOK AT IT AND ITS PIXELATED DICKS). Y? I call it the Beavis and Butthead chromosome.

From the same completely-dumbass-yet-undeniably-brilliant place in the man-mind comes Genital Jousting. Feast your eyes on this one.

First up: Yep, that’s the best sex euphemism I’ve ever heard. But it’s more than that. It’s also a video game, and one of the most bizarre I’ve seen in some time. Kotaku summarizes it best: 'The goal is simple: get the dick into a butt. Up to 8 players can participate, and anytime penetration occurs, everybody involved gets points. Genital Jousting may be multiplayer, but it is not ‘competitive’ inasmuch as it is feel-good.’

I… let’s just leave it at that. This one was shown off at the Berlin Game Jam last year, and is on its way to a full release in April. If you want to see it in action –which you do, no denying it—check it out right here:


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