Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: When Ogling Gamers and Bountiful Boobs Collide

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bill-swift - March 2, 2013

Presumably, the resultant sound is a pleasant squish, rather akin to submerging your ‘nads in jello (which we do not condone, even slightly. Particularly if you haven't left the office yet). That would depend, naturellement, on the speeds that the two entities -or en-titties in the boobs' case, if you will- were moving at when the collision ensued.

Still, to business. In this installment of pre-weekend raunchy oddities, we learn that Oriental oglers boast a nigh-unrivaled addiction to big ol' boobitude. We'd expect nothing less from the Land of the Rising Erection, and our leering caps are doffed to them.

Whatever ‘doffed' means.

Elsewhere in the gallery, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's lady-lust does not get Raiden's snake solid, and a crazy, crazy bastard's gamer-rage resolves a video game dispute with some actual real-life ass stabbing. In the ass.

Kotaku brings us ninja boobies, unexpected pin ups and terrifying gamer rage on public transportation.

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