Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: Masturbation in Arcades is Frowned Upon, Fancy That!

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chris-littlechild - July 28, 2012

A further foray into the recent lunatic exploits of the medium. This week, we see some disconcertingly-geektacular-yet-desirable Steampunk-infused modding; beside a Chinese knockoff that could, quite conceivably, galvanize Sony's lawyers into a Batman-aping corrective encroachment in the witching hour. With nut-punching.

Most pertinently, there's the rousing (and arousing, naturellement) saga of the dude who gleefully fondled his ‘nads in a public entertainment emporium. Huzzah for this famous fapper, this obtuse onanist! Why Scott Popular insisted on procuring a photograph as a salutation to this momentous event, we daresay it's best not to ask.
"What's the deal with that photo on your refrigerator?"
"It's just a guy I once saw, giving himself a little chicken-choking treat in an arcade."

"Ah, so it is. Now I lean closer. That's cool then. For a moment there, I didn't knowWHATthe shit."


For more of this wankery, plus piss-taking euphemisms pertaining to joysticks, get to gallery-perusal.

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