Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Kim Kardashian, Video Game Genius

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chris-littlechild - July 19, 2014

Now, there are some things we just expect of the Kardashian clan. Neglecting to put on any undercrackers before emerging cooch-first from taxis, sexing up Kanye West and giving the child of the unholy union a dumbass name, that sort of thing. Along with questionable spelling (Kardashian Konfidential? Only Mortal Kombat can be excused that sort of thing), these are their calling cards.

On the flipside, there are things you'll never expect from the celebtastic family. Mainly, y'know, talent, but today we're only concerned with one: some kind of Midas touch with video games.

But hey, that's where Kim Kardashian West strides in with all the business nous she apparently has and proves us the eff wrong. Either that, or this is just something else to file into the overflowing drawer marked 'Gee, Society Sucks Ass Sometimes.'

Yep, the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app will make $200 million by the end of the year. That's 200,000,000, more zeroes than we can even freaking count. How much of that is heading straight to the Kim koffers? $85 million. We'd ask who the hell's buying a mobile game that gives us inspired pearls of wisdom like ‘dating famous people will get you more fans too,' but the answer's already clear. Every bastard is by the look of it.

Via Destructoid.

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