Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Grand Theft Auto in Real Life

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chris-littlechild - June 12, 2015

Grand Theft Auto is, at the best of times, quite a shitstorm. Drive bys, bank heists, car chases, mad bastards taking out police helicopters with bazookas... it's dramatic stuff. Sure, I see all of that every morning through the window of my apartment in the shady side of town, but not everyone is unfortunate enough to live inside a Sly Stallone movie.

For some, then, Grand Theft Auto in real life is a hard thing to imagine. Don't fret though, because as usual the Internet has us covered.

This, right here, is far too freaking close to the real thing. The not-real thing, that is, which is the real thing in this case. If you follow. CorridorDigital brought us a rather brilliant GTA V sketch this week, that's all you need to know. Check it out below.

It's all completely spot on. That slow, walking-like-they've-shat-themselves gait the characters have? Check. The animations for punching/car theft/bicycle theft? Check. Even the selfie-taking pose seems straight out of the game. The whole thing's a little surreal, like a glimpse into gaming's photo-realistic future: 

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