Frozen’s Kristen Bell and Adele Dazeem Honored with Stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Mitch Jablonski - November 21, 2019

If you've got kids, you know that the biggest movie event of the year for kids under 12 is happening this weekend with the release of Frozen II, and Disney is sparing no expense in marketing the flick, even going so far as to make sure the film's two stars, Kristen Bell and Adele Dazeem, got stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The two beauties were dolled up in their Sunday finest, pulling funny faces, and showing us just how much fun they have together.

Adele Dazeem was looking resplendent in red while Kristen Bell went with a classic white dress, and though neither of these two babes were showing any cleavage, I'm sure we all wish they were. While Adele Dazeem definitely has a bigger rack and has briefly shown it on screen a long time ago, I think Kristen Bell remains one of the most requested actresses to go nude.

So anyone hoping for any kind of sexy times between Adele Dazeem and Kristen Bell is likely going to have to wait for the inevitable Frozen porn parody. Oh come on, you and I both know it's coming, in more ways than one.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency