Frida Aasen Norske Hot Bikini Pimping for Beach Bunny

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bill-swift - June 16, 2017

Frida Aasen, thy name in Scandinavian is utter hotness. Not to mention udder goodness. The young slender and decidedly sextastic model was hooked up by Beach Bunny to pimp their bikinis and swimsuits because she's crazy good looking and who wouldn't want to look just like her. As a lady I mean. As a gentleman ogler, who wouldn't want to be with her? Again, rhetorical. I already know your answer. We checked each other's on the exam.

Frida once more reminds us that one ridiculously smoking hot woman, a bikini, and a pool or any body of water is all you need to create indelible visual magic. This is the kind of woman you empty your bank account for on a whim and offer to take her round the world. Or in the case of my bank account, two Greyhound stops away and a budget motel for up to three evenings, assuming my coupon codes are still valid.

Frida, please, wait for me to be worthy of your return affections and or return nudity. I consider them one in the same. It might take a while, I'm picking up those recyclables as fast as possible. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Beach Bunny Swimwear