Fox Hunt: Nerdery, Norkery and… What More Could You Want?

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chris-littlechild - September 19, 2012

What indeed? A beer bottle tree in your yard? An automatic ball-scratching device, enabling you to luxuriate on the couch in indolent comfort as you watch the game? (Such contraptions are frightfully temperamental, we almost lost a testicle at the preliminary testing of our prototype. Quite plainly, the beaters of an electric whisk aren't conducive to a quick painless scratch-tastic. Nor, incidentally, are they anywhere you want to get your pubes entangled.Hey ma, that smarts!)

In summation, those are a little beyond our jurisdiction. If it's geeky goddesses in their skimpies you seek, though, you're in our neighborhood (It's rather a pleasant one too, now the catshit has been swept from the sidewalks and the hobos bestowed with fresh blankets sans piss-stains to pass out on). Peruse the gallery for bosomy costume shenanigans, tiny gamer girl thongs and humorously phallic gaming peripherals.