Four of the Five Teams Featured in the NFL Cheerleader Roundup Came Out on Top

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michael-garcia - September 19, 2012

Looks like we might have the makings of a trend here. As the headline cleverly insinuates, four of the five teams featured in this roundup won. What's the connection? Is it the cheerleaders? Maybe. This is the NFL, so only the home team has their cheerleaders on the sidelines.

Also, since it's the NFL, the home teams are usually the favorites. Just the way it is. Road wins are tough to come by for most teams. That doesn't mean we should discount the contributions of squads like the Seattle Seagals. No, not of the Steven variety, but the Sea Gals. They make it one word for some reason.

Could the Seahawks have punched the Cowboys in the mouth the way they did without the Seagals? Perhaps, but we just can't say for certain. The only home team to lose and have their cheerleaders in this gallery is the Jacksonville Jaguars, and well, they're terrible. That's going to happen a lot.

So let's give these hard working women their due, and check out some great action shots from beyond the sidelines.

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