Forward Unto Dawn Premieres As the Appetizer to Halo 4 in October (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 19, 2012

When Halo 4 launches in early November of this year, we know that there's going to be all kinds of content around it. Spartan Ops is the playable, FREE(!), episodic content series that expands on themes glimpsed during the game's main story mode. Before Halo 4 gets here though, we're getting another video series but this one is live action, is set during a time before the Covenant War, yet it will lead gamers directly into the opening of Halo 4.

As you'll see in our preview of Forward Unto Dawn, the live action series launching in October, do not think of this as the Halo movie everybody has always wanted. It sure looks like a live action sci-fi flick, but you are not allowed to think of it as Halo, the movie. Just don't.

We'll have plenty more on Forward Unto Dawn and Halo 4 because at this point, they really all go together.

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