Florida Lawyer Suing the Spurs Because Their Stars Didn’t Play Against the Heat

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bill-swift - January 16, 2013

A lawyer in Florida has filed a suit alleging that the San Antonio Spurs broke state law when Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, ManuGinobili and Danny Green weren't uniform for a game against the Miami Heat last November.

Larry McGuinness says in his suit that the Spurs violated Florida's deceptive and fair trade practices law. McGuinness filed the class action suit because he felt ripped off for the premium seats he bought. A lot of teams charge higher prices when elite teams come into town.

This whole thing is ridiculous. Professional athletes get scratched before games all the time and nobody who paid for a ticket is owed a thing. Sure the way this went down was pretty bad, I understand that. If you don't recall, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich sent the four players home because it was the last game of a five day, four game roadie. The NBA was pissed and fined the team a quarter of a million bucks.

Now this lawyer guy wants to recoup what, a few hundred, maybe less? Or is it possible that this guy just wants to get his name out there? Well, that's exactly what's happening. I saw this story on and had to spout off about it. No doubt that other outlets will start picking up the story, and then this lawyer is suddenly quasi-famous.

I can't imagine this case going forward, but I suppose the NBA's fine could help this guy out if he gets in front of a judge. Either way, he can't win because that would set a terrible precedent.

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