First Look At The CBS/Bryan Fuller Star Trek Series

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michael-garcia - May 19, 2016

In the war between the Stars, (Wars and Trek), I am definitely on the side of Star Wars, however that doesn't prevent me from loving Star Trek. I used to watch the original and Next Generation series with my grandfather and I friggin' love that crap. Was there a bigger space pimp than Captain Kirk? Still, the follow-ups to those shows were really hit or miss. Every other Star Trek movie is pretty good and the others are downright terrible. Also there hasn't been a good Star Trek TV series since Next Generation. Yeah, I said it. Bryan Fuller and CBS want to fix that with their new Trek series that will be shown on CBS' streaming service CBS All Access. It's kind of weird that something this monumental and potentially lucrative isn't being broadcast on air but I guess they have to incentivize people signing up for CBS All Access somehow.

This little teaser from the upfronts doesn't tell us much other than it will be a whole new cast and characters, so it won't be a rehash of old standbys like Mr. Spock or Data. You can't help but get some chills when that music comes on. 

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