Fergie Super Hot Performance In London

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michael-garcia - July 11, 2016

Fergie proves that she's still got it during a sultry performance in London. The Black Eyed Peas singer was wearing essentially a bustier made out of what looks like leather. It was, naturally, cut low so we got a nice gander at those lovely lady lumps that have been so celebrated in song. It's not secret that Fergie has a magnificent pair of funbags. They are the kind of boobs you want to take out for an expensive steak dinner and then motor boat until dawn. She also had her legs showing up until they disappeared into a pair of tall dominatrix-style boots. Now THAT is sexy, my friends. But lest we forget her booty, that was also prominently on display. I've been a fan of that butt for nearly 20 years. Who can forget her shaking it back in the day. She was twerking before it was a thing. She was on the ground floor of shaking that butt.

I should try and catch her in concert next time she comes to New York. I'm not a fan of her solo stuff, but if she's going to dress like a dominatrix I'm going to be there. 


Photo Credit: Splash