Fencer Foils Fiends In Failed Felony

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bill-swift - October 1, 2013

WSMV Channel 4

Let me set the scene: the parking lot of a shopping center in Nashville, TN. Two meth heads named Butt and Johnson, (yes, really), pepper spray an elderly couple and steal their stuff. Normally, this would just be another story of crime in the city. Except that a master fencer named, (I s#!t you not), Franco Scaramuzza pulled out his fencing sword and chased the two men until they dropped the stuff and got arrested. It's stories like this that make life worth living. That a guy who sounds like the Scarlet Pimpernel or something solves crimes with fencing equipment is the closest thing to a superhero we're likely to get. The best part of this video is the re-enactments. It's splendid.

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