Farrah Abraham’s Knockout Cleavage In Nippley Sports Bra And Tights

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aldo-vallon - October 10, 2018

Farrah Abraham’s sports bra looks like it is about as durable as the Chinese toys I get from the dollar store. It looks sexy as hell, but I do not think a woman as busty as Farrah should be trusting it to keep her gal’s under control during a workout as rigorous as boxing. There will be so much flopping back and forth with every swing she makes that she might as well be paying someone to use her chest as a couple of speed bags. Those implants might wear out a bit sooner than they otherwise would have, but she was probably going to upgrade them again in the near future anyway.

I am happy to see Farrah is diversifying her workouts though. I think that is the key to maintaining a healthy body. You have to keep it guessing. That is why I no longer workout at all, but always tell myself that I am going to tomorrow. That is the ultimate guessing game for the body, so it is always on its toes, like an ambush from the Viet Cong. Maybe I should start telling my body that I am going to start boxing as well. It might give me a Rocky body.

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Photo Credit: MEGA