The “Fantastic Four” Trailer Actually Looks Pretty Good

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bill-swift - July 15, 2015

I'll admit that the Fantastic Four was never my favorite comic book series. I mean, they were fine but they couldn't compare to other Marvel titles like Spiderman or The X-Men. To me, that's my opinion, but I know a lot of people love them. We agree to disagree. But what I think we can all agree on is that the Fantastic Four movie from a few years ago with Jessica Alba was pretty friggin' terrible. I remember I watched it on a plane and was so bored I prayed the plane would hit a mountain to make the movie end. It was just schlocky. But as we all know by now, there is a reboot coming. Not a surprise. There is always a reboot coming.

They premiered the trailer at Comic-Con and I am cautiously optimistic. It looks darker and less silly than the Jessica Alba one. You see the Four doing their thing, stretching, turning invisible, flaming on, made of rocks. You even catch a glimpse of Dr. Doom. Let's hope for the best. 

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