Fanny Neguesha Bikini Tanned Jet-Skiing and Sun-Soaking Sextastic

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bill-swift - July 15, 2014

If you happen to be Mario Balotelli, you're blessed in a variety of ways. Naturally, the only one that really matters is your ability to romance, as it were, crazy hot world class models with ridiculously fine bodies the likes of Fanny Neguesha who was showing off her stellar boobtastic and bikini tanned body in Miami over the weekend. Fanny was partaking in various water sports in the local waters, being that that whatever uniform she wore would not cover up her award winning racktastic.

Fanny reminds me that I meant to be a world-class soccer player at one time. I can't remember what happened to that dream though I do sort of remember an earnest talk from my AYSO coach asking me if perhaps I might be interested in a sport other than soccer. I'm pretty sure this was one of those Mozart and Salieri feuds where he was just intently jealous of my potential. Or it could be because I sucked so horrible. I'll prefer to keep the former fantasy alive. As I shall of taking nightly loofah baths with Fanny. Oh, man, that body is just a lethal weapon. If used properly. Enjoy.