Evil Evolves in New Red Band Trailer for Shane Black’s ‘The Predator’ (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - June 26, 2018


If you work in an office where pornography is not a staple on nearly everyone's computer screen, you may want to plug in the headphones for this one—or wait til you get home. The new red-band trailer for Shane Black's upcoming reboot, The Predator, features lots of bloody violence and a few f-bombs, almost guaranteed to earn you a one way ticket to HR unless you take precautions.

Apparently this one just ignores everything except the 1987 original film, which is the hot new thing now. Did your favorite movie get a sequel that sucked? Well, just chuck 'em all in the garbage and make the sequel the original should have gotten. It's getting a little tired at this point, but Shane Black is the one dude I trust to sort it all out in a satisfying manner.

I've been in the tank for Black since forever, so I think he's the perfect dude for this reboot. It looks scary, violent, and pretty much like everything we want from a Predator movie. However, I know that Black's gonna make sure the story and dialogue aren't totally disposable, as that's his stock in trade. Plus, look at that cast. It's full of good actors, aside from Olivia Munn.

I have faith this is gonna be one of the few reboots to satisfy both newcomers to the franchise and the die hard fans. The Predator opens in theaters everywhere on September 14.