Every Death From Season 2 of ‘Game of Thrones’ Makes You Curl Up and Wish the Night’s Watch Was a Real Thing (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - February 22, 2013

Season Three of Game of Thrones doesn't premiere on HBO until March 31st, which means there won't be anymore brothel scenes where one woman teaches the others in the sapphic arts until then. But in the meantime, HBO has finally released Season Two of the show on DVD, Bluray, etc. And you know what...people's be dyin'. Like, a lot more than I actually remembered when I watched. I thought Season One was chock full of life ending head chopping, but between the Wildfire and the birthed smoke monster that goes all regicide on the younger Baratheon, there's some serious carnage.

So to celebrate it's release this week, we present some really well-made montages of every single death from Season Two of Game of Thrones. Part One can be watched above and Part Two after the jump.

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