Eva Longoria Cleavy Hotness Makes the Inaugural Ball Plenty Okay For Dudes

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bill-swift - January 23, 2013

Now, I suppose there are some of you out there intrigued by the President and the First Lady's first dance, or what china pattern was chosen, or who were which designer to te big event, but for the most of us, the inaugural ball, like any other froufrou event was pretty damn off the radar, until, suddenly, Eva Longoria made it off the hook.

We've been digging Eva Longoria for some time now, especially since she went bachelorette on us a while back, but the way she was looking at last night's ball, wow, dayum, and thank you ma'am. Just the icing on the sextastic cake of life. Hot, rich, single, and friends with the President. You could do worse. Enjoy.