Erin Heatherton Bikini Awesomeness Continues Down Florida Way

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bill-swift - September 12, 2012

The good folks at Victoria's Secret, makers of all things tiny and silky, and holder of much of my personal credit card debt, keeping finding new and hotter bikinis to strap onto the new and hotter Erin Heatherton to make their apparel look amazing and convince us men that if only we drove the right car, we might someday run our hands over a wet, tiger print bikini bottom-clad Erin Heatherton booty, looking ever so moist and pouty and perfect in a Miami pool. And they might just be right.

Erin Heatherton continues to break our hearts and bust our nuts with her potential for prurient perfection. It's always the girls with the innocent faces and the naughty bodies that hurt us the most. I suppose it's Mother Nature's little inside joke. Enjoy.