Erika Jordan Hoverboarding In Bra and Panties

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bill-swift - June 20, 2017

You might ask yourself why Erika Jordan is cruising down the street on a hoverboard in only her underwear, but then you'd be missing the larger point of her epic curves, tiny bits of clothing, and last year's hottest consumer product gift. Maybe two years ago. Playboy thespianics are not always super hip to the latest gadgets. Though their bodies hold the greatest of them all.

Presume Erika knows the cameras are upon her as her mighty curve bend to stabilize atop the child arm breaking recreational device. She's quite the female form in motion. Is she selling hoverboards or her own blessed curves? I know which one is on my early 2017 Christmas list for Santa, and it's not the one that spontaneously erupts in flame. Or is it?

Erika, this is entirely gratuitous, shameless, and exhibitionistic. So, perfect. Consider my Erika Jordan fantasy fun time dreams upgrade to wheeled devices. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News