Emma Watson Stone Cold Annoying and Australian Blonds Nursing in the Last Men on Earth Podcast #86

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Lex Jurgen - May 11, 2017


Every Irishman knows if you vomit on a woman's shoes and she forgives you, you take that woman as your wife. Conversely, the United Kingdom girls who use terms like non-binary gender equality and patriarchal suppression really ought make you turn heel and run. Don't marry Emma Watson. The money's intriguing. But only if you can live through a year of breakfast lectures to get to Christmas. Hint, you're getting a fair trade alpaca sweater. 

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast we discuss how Emma Watson has climbed the charts to become the world's most annoying chick, root for Richard Patterson in his big dick murder defense, discuss porn stars in shark cages as a jobs creator for America, admonish George Michael's fat rent boy for telling post-mortem tales, spend way too much time talking about Diddy's cock, objectively conclude that breastfeeding shaming doesn't exist, and wonder as to when super rich celebrities in Hollywood will get new Trump material. It's jam packed full of non-pertinent information.

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