Emma Watson Hot and Bothered in Wonderland Magazine

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bill-swift - February 8, 2014

Emma Watson really knows how to turn on the sextastic spigot at the right time. Or the paid time I suppose. When she's on duty, the little British minx goes from casual college girl to ogle-worthy starlet with the flip of a switch. I suppose that switch actually takes a while to flip with hair and makeup and lighting and whatnot, but it's definitely on in her new pictorial for Wonderland magazine.

While we've long hoped for less glamour and more nekkidness from Hermione, I'm not sure that will ever really come to pass. But, there is a reason candles were invented, for hoping with a little extra flare. To see Emma Watson showing off her full effects would be amazing. For now, we just imagine, and yearn. Oh, how we yearn. Enjoy.