Emma Watson Outtakes Cast a Spell of Nightly Lust

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bill-swift - December 15, 2010

We previously posted the Emma Watson pictures from Womens Wear Daily, but herein lies the outtakes from that photo shoot, or, what I like to call, the stepping stones to even raunchier dreams. Oh, yes, I dream of Emma Watson, more so than ever before since seeing Deathly Hallows, wherein she portrayed about the hottest witch in the history of cinema, even with the short hair, which Cousin Jonathan hates on daily. But what do the youngin's know of true lust? A tightly shorn dome hardly diminishes the somnambulatory episodes where you may so innocently find yourself outside Emma Watson's castle keep calling out her name in combination with various suggested levels of ravishments. Oh, how the constable clubs wound deeply. Still, completely worthwhile. Enjoy.