Emma Roberts Insta Leg Machine

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earl-jonas - September 25, 2017

Emma Roberts might not have a great personality or talent, but she's got legs, and she knows how to use them. The sassy starlet took to Instagram to share an outfit that would make Lena Dunham blush, featuring a grab bag of Urban Outfitters-approved articles, from her Grateful Dead shirt to her Birkenstocks.

I forgive everything here, however, as Roberts' kind of old-timey swimsuit / bodysuit thing shows off every single inch of her sextastic gams. While we've seen plenty of skin from Roberts in flicks like (2010)Nerve (2016), and Palo Alto (2014), these periodic Insta peeps help remind me that she's not as terrible as she would have us believe. Nice try, Emma, but I still like you somewhat.      


Photo Credit: Instagram

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