Emma Roberts Gets About As Showy as Emma Roberts Gets (We Like)

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bill-swift - March 29, 2014

Emma Roberts is what you might call a shy girl. At least in public. We know her private life can get a bit rowdier on the personal relationship front. But whether it be in her movie roles or her public appearances or her modeling work, Emma has always maintained a rather demure and covered up presence. Naturally, we'd prefer the opposite, but we respect that it takes all kinds of hotties to make the sextastic world go-round. Not every attractive oman can be walking down the street half-nekkid, though what a much better world this be or if that were so.

Emma did get a little racy for Emma in a Hollywood photoshoot, modeling in some more revealing tops and some bikini bottom thingees that showed off the full extent of her legs. For Emma, this is downright scandalous. For us, it's downright ogle-worthy. See how nicely that all works out? Enjoy.