Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts Bikini Top Cute-Tastic With Flowers in Her Hair

You can’t get much more darling as a young woman than running about the beach with flowers in your hair. Well, a bikini top certainly helps too, even if you by a not so busty thespianic like Emma Roberts. She of the naturally minxy body fame, strutting the beaches of Hawaii with a lei crown and some jean shorts to compliment her bikini top. A full two piece view would’ve been nice, and I suspect it may be coming if I promise not to sleep for the remainder of her vacation. The petite girls always blossom truly when the shorts come down.

Emma, it’s nice to see you in a little less than your typical highly conservative dress. Somewhere beneath that regal shield lies a tigress just waiting to pounce. Just please remember, I have a bad right knee, so please pounce accordingly. Enjoy.

Emma Roberts In Her Panties, So Adorable (And, By Adorable, I Mean Faptastic!)

There’s a good chance I’m not going to see the movie Palo Alto. Gia Coppola’s new film is probably a bit too artsy, airy, and otherwise Franco for my taste. But I do admire a filmmaker who’s also a photographer who takes pictures of her film starlet, Emma Roberts, in her panties for a promotional type pictorial in Paper Magazine.

Emma Roberts is never going to be racy girl, but she is indie girl, and while she may never be fully topless and visible in any film, despite my candle lightings, she does love to frolic about in her panties for various roles, and as you can leer here, that is quite a sight to behold. Gia, Emma, you’ve done good work here. May your soft-focus sun-spotted indie films do well forever more. Just keep the hot body photos coming please. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence And Emma Roberts Look Hot at “X-Men: Days of Future Past” Premiere

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Roberts were their usual hot selves at the New York City premiere of X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Jennifer, who plays everyone’s favorite nekkid blue chick Mystique, wore a body clinging fuzzy dress. The outfit shows off her lovely shoulders and back and accentuates those legendary curves. Emma Roberts was there to support her lucky fiance Evan Peters who plays Quicksilver in the movie. Emma had on a low cut pink dress that showed off some of that famous cleavage. They should cast Emma in the next X-Men movie. Her mutant power can be turning any man who sees her into a quivering bowl of Jell-O. She and Jennifer could square off in the climactic scene in which they battle to see who is the hottest in a giant kiddie pool full of KY Jelly.

I’m available to write the screenplay for this epic. We can call it X-Men: Days Of Future Stiffies or something like that. We can work on the title.

Emma Roberts Gets About As Showy as Emma Roberts Gets (We Like)

Emma Roberts is what you might call a shy girl. At least in public. We know her private life can get a bit rowdier on the personal relationship front. But whether it be in her movie roles or her public appearances or her modeling work, Emma has always maintained a rather demure and covered up presence. Naturally, we’d prefer the opposite, but we respect that it takes all kinds of hotties to make the sextastic world go-round. Not every attractive oman can be walking down the street half-nekkid, though what a much better world this be or if that were so.

Emma did get a little racy for Emma in a Hollywood photoshoot, modeling in some more revealing tops and some bikini bottom thingees that showed off the full extent of her legs. For Emma, this is downright scandalous. For us, it’s downright ogle-worthy. See how nicely that all works out? Enjoy.

Emma Roberts, Lizzy Caplan, and Hannah Ware Lend Serious Sextastic to the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Emma Roberts in Her Underwear on American Horror Story
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It was quite a week for wonderfully fluffy and bare things on the small sets. The boob tube really is where all the best celebrity skin is happening these days. The making of the sexy scenes on TV really make a mockery of the passion moments in movies these days. A big skin-filled booty shaking mockery. So, each week we highlight the best of the boobtastic on the living room screens, just to remind ourselves of how far we’ve come since I Love Lucy.

This week’s Boob Tube Roundup includes a couple sweet teated scenes from Boardwalk Empire, Lizzy Caplan with a brief self-pleasuring scene and more sweet tested funbags in Masters of Sex, yet another long form she-banging scene from Strike Force, and we through in memorable caps from regular old TV this week with Hannah Ware in her skivvies in Betrayal and Emma Roberts likewise in American Horror Story. Now that’s what I call a roundup! Enjoy.

Check Out the Uncensored Boob Tube Roundup Video »

Emma Roberts Looking Mighty Fine at American Horror Story Premiere

It’s time for another season of American Horror Story, for those of you into that show. I must admit I mostly know it from Emma Roberts and from stories over the summer of her roughing up her boyfriend a little bit who’s also on the show. Hey, sometimes a woman needs to lay down the law. I only wish Emma would soft pummel me until I begged her to stop, which would be never. Overshare. I know.

Emma looked more than tasty sweet and all grown up at the premiere for the show over the weekend. She’s usually looking pretty dressed down and a bit dowdy when out and about, but when Emma turns on the red carpet afterburners, she can compete with the best of them. I’d like to personally hand her a trophy not made of metal. But, I’d be arrested. Again. Enjoy.

‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Teaser Reminds Us of a Simpler Time (VIDEO)

Women Be Hexing...

Ah, witches. They were the best, weren’t they? Tripping balls on psychedelic potions in the woods and seducing powerful men with their dark arts and such. Certainly those witches of yore were far more exciting than the Hot Topic Wiccans of your middle school and/or high school days. The ones who just listened to the Cure and wore torn-up Skinny Puppy t-shirts? Thankfully, the new season of American Horror Story, sub-titled Coven, will explore the sexy-type witches of days past.