Emma Roberts Cheeky Smoker In Shorts

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bill-swift - June 20, 2015

Emma Roberts is single anon after nearly walking to the altar with her co-star and now former fiance what's his face. Can't blame her for a little smoke of the filtered American Spirits to ease the stress of the breakup. Or the tiny bit of joggers shorts that showed off her legs and on occasion, highlighted her tight little wooty. You add in the Dolly Parton boobs reference on her t-shirt and you have a girl who knows exactly what she's doing.

Emma Roberts has been one of those demure ingenues who often skates by for months or even years without any bit of public exhibitionism. Maybe because she comes from a famous Hollywood family that she's intentionally kept her profile on the down low. A real shame given how much petite minxy hotness she has to offer. Now, I must jog behind her for two miles and pretend I'm not staring at her hiney. Also, I need to pretend I can run two miles. Drinking beer is not as much of an aerobic workout as it seems. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNew

Emma Roberts in her bra and panties, it was a thing alright.