Emily Ratajkowski White Bikini Photos (Not Ruined By Her Stupid Boyfriend)

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bill-swift - March 13, 2017

When Emily Ratajkowski shows up on the public beach in a tiny white bikini, not working, simply for fun and in the company of some lucky bastard who we have to dislike, it causes a huge stir among the entire male population within one hundred nautical miles. You can guess where that stir takes place. Also, you might no what a nautical mile is. I have no idea.

Emily hit up Malibu with her boyfriend about to be dumped for me and couldn't help but look ridiculously fine female formed. That booty, those funbags, that body in a little white bikini is insanely hot. The stupid hats and glasses models feel obliged to wear in natural sunlight is an unfortunate complication of living in a scientific age. Well, science with a healthy pinch of anxiety and fashion brands. Emily, we need more of this. Well, less of the clothes thing, more of the candids. So hot. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet