Emergency Ramen Canisters: Good for One Meal, Won’t Save Your Life

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bill-swift - April 5, 2013

They're called Emergency Ramen Canisters, but they're only good for one meal and then you're on your own. Nissin made these specially packaged instant noodles as a publicity stunt, no doubt, because not only are they not ideal for emergency situations, but they're also impractical as an 'emergency' food.

You'd have to pour boiling water over it to cook it, for goodness' sake. And how are you going to do that if you're trapped in a tiny corner of your basement with limited water and zero electricity?

Clearly, Nissin isn't making these for the long haul either, as a total of only 600 two-set canisters were made. Each metal tin contains a block of noodles, the soup base, a paper cup, and 'a foldable fork for two people.' There's a one-set purchase limit on these cans, so good luck if you're trying to score more.

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