Padma Lakshmi is Feeling herself Up

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Tex Hollywood - January 3, 2020

Padma Lakshmi is grabbing her breast in this photo she posted. I don't think it's for some "Self Check Breast Cancer Awareness" pamphlet they have at all the clinics to educate people, while giving people like us something to masturbate to. It's probably got more shameless intentions because at 49 years old she was able to crawl out of the sewer she lived in (I saw Slumdog Millionaire and thus I know how India works), to become some Food Channel host. Things went down.

As it turns out, those things were that her mom was an Oncologist in America, her dad a high level Exec in America, and she basically grew up in LA, became a model and host and baby momma to billionaires but is still out here grabbing her tits for us when she doesn't have to. So show some appreciation.

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