Elsa Hosk Lingeries For Victoria’s Secret

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michael-garcia - July 27, 2016

Swedish hottie Elsa Hosk used her powers of looking amazing in lingerie to sell underwear and perfume for Victoria's Secret. She's my favorite of the current choir of Victoria's Secret Angels. Did you know that a group of angels is called a choir? That's what you learn if you go to Catholic school your whole life. What I didn't learn there was the wonders of Elsa in a bra. Sister Anne would not have put up with that. She sports some lacy numbers that make her Swedish meatballs look delicious. We're talking IKEA meatball delicious. Then she does a little covered topless for us. Oh yes, there is sideboob. Then there is her booty in a variety of panties. They pretty much are the greatest thing that has ever happened in the history of the planet Earth.

What is it about Swedish girls that is so appealing? I've always had a thing for blonds with big yabbos. Then again, isn't that everyone's thing?


Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret