Elle Fanning Sports Bra and Stretch Pants Gym Hottie

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bill-swift - February 2, 2017

Elle Fanning hasn't changed much since her younger days. Coquettish girl going to and from the gym and her dance class. A precocious youngster to say the least. Though on the outside she has grown up quite a bit. Which means for a little while now we've been able to watch her in movies as an all grow'd up young woman, as well as ogle her in sports bra and blessed stretch pants leaving the gym. The fact that that happens to be my gym as well merely means I will now actually have to visit the place knowing Elle resides within on occasion.

Elle Fanning is a talented thespianic from a talented family of thespianics who all share their blonde super fair features. It's a nice little family trademark that Elle wears ever so well. She may seem pure as the driven snow, but if you play close attention, as she's gotten older, she's making some nice odes to her sextastic side. It will com out at some point in more obvious ways. The ogling gentleman is a patient man. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet