Elle Fanning Sports Bra and Stretch Pants For Her Daily Workout

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bill-swift - August 1, 2014

Elle Fanning might be young, but she's one of the hottest commodities in Hollywood these days given that she's tall, slender, blonde, and also has some serious acting chops. The sky's the limit for Elle, probably well past her older sister, though that remains to be seen, though Elle is making sure when she gets her bare-arse movie parts she won't be needing a CGI smear job like Dakota. Elle hits that gym in Studio City pretty much every day for yoga and dancing and some other things that keep her in top top teen readiness.

Elle's semi-standard gym wardrobe is the little sports bra and tights, a regular but striking figure on her daily jaunts to workout. There are a few more things I'm tempted to say about Elle, but decorum and prevailing laws in Guam currently prevent me from mentioning. Just a hey, how's it going, Elle, looking good, will have to do. Enjoy.