Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning Goes Fashionably Bare at ‘Young Ones’ Premiere

The title of the movie Young Ones and Elle Fanning and a bare-midriff grown up red carpet gown does not completely elude my sense of irony. Nor my sense of who will be the next big breakout stars in the world of good looking celebrities.

No offense to Dakota, who I would shank any of you in the showers for a chance just to rub hands with over a Plexiglas visitors room divider, but Elle is going straight to the stratosphere with her rather precious dramatic talents and a look that will put her in many a future leading lady role. She certainly earned the accolades of every man with his finger on a camera shutter last night. Probably some men with their fingers elsewhere, but let’s try to keep this above boards.

Elle Fanning, the sky is the limit for you. If you’re going to be one of those red carpet scene stealers with your haute couture style, you’ll probably shoot well beyond the sky. Enjoy.

Elle Fanning Sports Bra and Dance Workouts Becoming a Daily Camera-Snapping Routine

So long as Elle Fanning hits the gym daily in her sports bra and yoga pants, even at her tender age, the paparazzi are going to follow her and snap away. I suppose she knows this fully well by now. Either she likes the attention or she just loves that gym and dance studio of hers. Perhaps a bit of both. It’s hard for me to even imagine the feelings of people wanting my picture in tight gym clothes, you know, as opposed to gym managers telling me discreetly I need to wear loose fitting clothes or they’re going to have to ask me to leave.

Elle Fanning’s star is rising rather fast and furious. She obviously leans on a very healthy lifestyle to keep herself ripe and ready for the challenge. And, hopefully, a little bit down the road, those challenges will include more mature themed roles. Fingers locked and loaded for the future. To infinity and beyond. Enjoy.

Elle Fanning Sports Bra and Tights Becoming a Regular Summer Thing Thang

Elle Fanning has acting chops. But she always wants everybody to know she’s got workout chops as well. Still the Hollywood ingenue, she’s decidedly decided to make running around town in her sweaty sports bra and stretch pants a part of her daily routine. I suppose we’ll eventually get a letter from some senior Fanning asking that the media leave her alone, or, you know, turn around politely as she runs up and down the busy streets of L.A. half dressed, but I for one can’t read so good so unless the letter contains pictures, I’m going to claim ignorance. Ignorance has always been my best defense as I have letters from several doctors confirming.

Elle Fanning, you are going to become something special in Hollywood one day quite soon. And, I hope you are a beacon for young women to get fit, eat right, and be healthy. Also, you know a beacon for gentleman oglers to get their eyesight checked. But not now. I mean, down the road. Enjoy.

Elle Fanning Bikini Top Pictorial Is an Interview With a Getting Grow’d Up Fanning

For all the more emotionally mature roles Elle Fanning plays in her thespianic career, she’s still the younger Fanning sister and more often than not quite hippy conservative in her appearance and demeanor. Consider this new photoshoot for Interview magazine something of a coming out party for Elle, who still expresses her whimsical counterculture side, while also donning more Jenner like wardrobe in what is sure to be remembered as Elle’s turn into full ingenue status in Hollywood.

We continue to treat Elle Fanning as the cute, fun loving, full-time starlet that she is. With reverence and respect. I believe those are my two middle names. Along with Cecil. Damn you ancestors! But bless you Elle Fanning. Enjoy.

Elle Fanning Growing Into a Young Movie Star

Move right on over, Dakota Fanning. Elle Fanning may be the more sought after Fanning sister at this point, the teen currently finishing up four different movies, all coming out over the next year. And Elle knows it.

She’s started doing the out and about Hollywood your, making her way around the studio areas with the sunglasses and the outfits and the smile and the whole up-and-comer thing going on. She’s going to be huge. Enjoy.

Elle Fanning Hip Hop Dance Classing (Because Hip Hop Dance Is More Fun Than School)

When I was a similar age to Elle Fanning, we didn’t have Hip Hop Dance classes, we had the coal mines and the iron works factories, and each morning, we trudged into them before high school to earn a few bucks with football being our only potential salvation. Now, it’s possible I might just be remembering an old Tom Cruise movie, but, still, we didn’t have girls in sports bras and stretch pants running about.

The girls would’ve been sent home from school and at men in robes would’ve beaten the stuffing out of any boy caught looking.  All so very complicated. And not nearly as fun as the way Elle Fanning is running about town these days, destined to make her own mark in the young Hollywood actress set as she comes into her own. Enjoy.

Elle Fanning Getting Into Hollywood Workout Mode (Though at Subway)

Elle Fanning is going to be a big star someday. An even bigger star I guess you could say, probably surpassing her older sister in my non-educated and semi-literate opinion. So, to hop on the hanging-around-Hollywood after workout mode like her older peers, cruising around Studio City in her aerobics gear.

Of course, Elle hasn’t quite yet figured out that movie stars are left to eat little more than a mixed green salad and low-cal raspberry vinaigrette, hitting Subway sandwiches for a foot long, err, eleven inch long bit of caloric intake. I can admire that. Finally, a Tinsel Town actress who could use a sandwich is getting a sandwich! Enjoy.