Elle Fanning Lingerie Teen Hottie In Vogue Australia

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bill-swift - February 16, 2016

Elle Fanning is slowly stepping toward eighteen with a self-confidence not seen in most teen starlets. Probably assisted by her dozens of film projects already to date and coming from a show business family and watching her sister follow a somewhat similar path ahead of her. Whatever the reason, Elle exudes a feminine confidence far beyond her years, hence her ability to carry off a serious pictorial for Vogue Australia in grown up bits of lingerie.

Naturally, Elle won't be seen in anything racy or presumptuous. That's not her alt retro girl thing. But undercrackers are undercrackers and the lithesome thespianic and dancer and pale teen artist carries off the lacy skivvies thing with some serious aplomb. We can comment more fully in about seven weeks hence when we'll reconvene to re-discuss our Elle Fanning thoughts. She's certainly edging her way toward early greatness. Good on you, Elle. And in the future, very good for us. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue Australia

Elle has a bubbly confidence when out and about on the town....