Elle Fanning Booty Shake and Finger Licking on Instagram

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bill-swift - October 16, 2017

Say what you will about Elle Fanning keeping her hippy roots and her slender body au natural without big curves enhancements, the lithesome young thespianic works heartily with her organic sextastic gifts, focused on the dramatic, and every so often revealing her saucy side.

That sauciest of tempting sides came about in a booty shaking and naughty finger licking dance moment posted to Instagram. The context isn't immediately known, but the effect is more than immediately apparent. Elle Fanning has the power to make the gentleman ogler quite pleased. She probably doesn't care. But we do.

Elle Fanning is one of those rare actresses we cover who can really act. It's quite a thing. She's in high demand by directors. If you happen to like coming of happy visual age blondes with actual talent and absolutely against bras, it's time to fall in lust with Elle Fanning. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram