Elizabeth Turner Working Over the Cameras With Bikini Cleavetastic

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bill-swift - April 26, 2017

There's white hot, red hot, and then Elizabeth Turner pimping the shizz out of a bikini heat. It's measured in Kelvin degrees so the number can be written out semi-reasonably.

The Guess blonde sextastic model took a turn promoting a shoe and apparel coming by way of showing off in their revealing bikinis and her stellar swelling boobtastic. I don't even know half of what they sell and I've put in an order for two gross. I did demand the floor models. Anything previously worn by Elizabeth Turner to be specific. I find it adds to the authenticity. Also, my fetish factor goes off the charts. That crazy smoking hot body in a little two piece? It ought to be illegal. Or legally mandated for one in every man's home. You know which way this would go if I ran the world. So damn hot! Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Lola Shoetique