Elizabeth Turner Primed for a Blue Lagoon Remake

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brian-mcgee - September 28, 2017

When last I wrote about Elizabeth Turner on September 11—never forget—I commented that her name felt like a combination of old Hollywood legends into something new and even sexier. While that's still true, I think that she's trying to tell the world, via this new photo shoot for something called the Nelly Lookbook, that she looks great when surrounded by palm trees. Hence, I think it's time for a Blue Lagoon remake.

Seeing Elizabeth Turner flanked by palm trees, I can't help but wonder who they will get to play the blonde afroed love interest. It needs to be a guy who's dorky enough to not be threatening to the men in the audience, but sexy enough to get the women all hot and bothered in their ladybusiness. Jim Parsons, maybe. I don't know, you guys figure it out.

Elizabeth kinda has the Brooke Shields eyebrow thing going on, and since she's of age, we can get plenty of nudity which we've been cheated out of in adaptations past. I think it's a win for the owners of the property, a win for Elizabeth because she gets to show off her acting talent and her boobs, and a win for us because we get to be there to see them!

Photo Credit: Nelly Lookbook Spain