Eli Manning’s ‘SNL’ TD Celebrations Become Animated Reality (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - May 18, 2012

Eli Manning hosted Saturday NightLive a few weeks ago and did a pretty good job. The one skit that stood out to most people as his best was when Eli was supposed to be doing motion capture for EA Sports' 'Madden' franchise. It's worth a look.

When the game producers asked him to recreate some of his TD celebrations, they were less than enthused with his choices. Finally, Eli mimes making a sandwich as his TD celebration.

The talented people at the real EA Sports have taken it and animated it, which is beyond great. No word if it'll actually be in the game, but why go through the work if it's not, right? I guess the Patriots uniform is some kind of default for the test, gotta switch it out and give Eli his due.

Article by Eric Gray

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