Drink Coca-Cola to Get Rid of Stomach Blockages and Four Other Unusual Uses of This ‘Wonder’ Soda

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bill-swift - January 16, 2013

Ever wondered where Coca-Cola got its name? Take note of the 'coc' part, because that's actually a huge clue right there. If you can't figure it out, it's cocaine and it was named as such because the drink's formulation originally required coca leaves, from which crack is derived from.

Of course, the formula has since been changed, but I guess we don't need to wonder why people were (literally) addicted to this drink decades ago.

For years, people have been drinking Coke because it just makes them feel like their food went down better. Scientists finally came to this same conclusion and have begun recommending that people drink code to get rid of stomach blockages because the fizz (and presumably, acid) help gets rid of all the gastric blockages.

No duh. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

We present a couple more alternative uses of the 'wonder' soda in the gallery above that you may or may not already know. When you get to the one about using it for cooking, we recommend some Coca-Cola ribs--those really hit the spot!

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