Doutzen Kroes Bikini Pictures Continue to Bring the MILFtastic Poolside Views

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bill-swift - June 23, 2012

More bodily hotness bikini style from South Florida today as Victoria's Secret model and hot mom extraordinaire Doutzen Kroes continued her run of hot two-piece looks by the pool in Miami, and we continued both to leer from afar, and cut the rest of her family, kids and DJ included, out of view, because we do focus like a laser beam on the sextastic.

Now, we often say it's unfair for moms to looks this hot. Then again, who's to say what is fair? I'm starting to lean toward MILFtastic skin shows not only being fair, but something that ought to be compelled perhaps by law. The Hot Mom Act of 2012, that would force wood-inducing sextastic mothers from covering no more than 20% of their bodies in clothing when appearing in public. I'm not saying it would standup to judicial review, but I am saying it would be one helluva fun time while waiting its appeal. Enjoy.