Dead Guy Right To The Point

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esteban-esposito - July 4, 2015

The obituary for a North Dakota Man who passed away at age 85 simply said "Doug Died." Indeed. 

Douglas Ledger's daughter said he always insisted on keeping things practical

"He said over and over, when I die I want my obituary to just say 'Doug Died.' [Other people's obituaries] would say 'he was the president of this, a director of this' and Dad would say, 'What, couldn't they hold down a job?'"

Good point. In death, it may be time to finally drop the act. You're not leaving much on the table. Do your best, treat others well, eat a lot of ribs and be done with it. The obituary section isn't going to change anyone's opinion, no matter how wordy. 

Doug Died. Short, sweet, and to the point. Sounds like a guy you'd want to have a beer with. He will be missed.