Dorothy Wang Barely Hanging On To Her Tiny Little Dress

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elliot-wolf - January 29, 2018


Dorothy Wang hanging on to half a dress is adorable. I remember the days when I was young and believed I could get away with what most women would consider risqué fashion for men. The way one strap from my overalls would hang, exposed areola and all, could be considered very suggestive to the untrained eye. But my look was less inspired by Right Said Fred’s I’m too sexy song and more influenced by how uncomfortable it is having any article of clothing on in the summer is. Now Dorothy’s tiny little toga dress is giving me a case of nostalgia. I could watch her all day and would give almost anything if she agreed to be my Roman goddess.  

You don’t have to tell Dorothy twice that she’s a very important person, her exclusive Birkin bag says it all. I can imagine a woman as fine and well-crafted as her is just as rare. But when an opportunity this good comes along I’m more than willing to put my name on the waiting list. Even if I had to wait weeks or years I will find that woman’s love and I will cherish every moment that we spend together. If she’s into togas and all things ancient B.C.E. I’d only be too honored to be her personal chariot.  

Photo Credit: Splash News

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